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MoMA to Screen Documentary on Bill Cunningham Tonight



    The New York Times' veteran street style photographer is the subject of the first documentary in the series New Directors/New Films, kicking off tonight at MoMA.

    Bill Cunningham has mastered the street style game, making himself equal parts invisible and powerful among New York's well-heeled pedestrians and capturing the everyday runways of NYC sidewalks.  Since it's his resonance behind the scenes that has cultivated his work, Cunningham's elusiveness makes the documentary all the more interesting.

    The Times previews the 88-minute film with some exquisite snapshots of Cunningham snapping fashion-bots during New York fashion weeks in 2001, and then again in 2008.  Director Richard Press had originally managed to piece together footage of the photog for a tribute, and upon Cunningham's pleased approval, went full steam ahead on a documentary seven years later.

    Learning more about Bill Cunningham can only help our chances at scoring a coveted spot (admit it, if you're a New Yorker who gets dressed with purpose, you want in) in "On the Street" someday.