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Fall 2014

Bensoni: Girly Globe Trotters



    This is the time of year we count all the trips we didn't take this summer and start planning elaborate, rambling adventures for the next. 

    Bensoni designers Benjamin Channing Clyburn and Sonia Yoon must be in touch with that emotion (or maybe they actually do travel), because the woman they introduced today was a vixen vagabond, clad head-to-toe in mixed ethnic prints, bright colors and twirling silhouettes that had us dreaming of currency exchange and palm fronds.

    With their hair in rag-doll pigtails, models marched out in a collection that might have been sewn together from tablecloths and handkerchiefs found at a remote Egyptian bazaar. Surprising combinations of texture and pattern--present in everything from simple day dresses to funky separates and knits--could send the most finnicky non-traveller running to renew her passport.

    One dress featured a twisted reptillian bodice in purple gray with a striped crinkle-chiffon skirt in yellow and taupe. You wouldn't expect the two patterns to work together--and left to less able hands, they probably wouldn't--but here the combination is convincing and even obvious, in a "why don't I already own that?" kind of way.

    Viewers were kept on their toes amidst the perfectly-paired prints by sudden pops of loud (and unflattering) solid color, like a tiered minidress in a key lime pie hue. But alas, nothing looks bad on the Besoni woman: she is the annoyingly perfect tomboy who never wears makeup, throws on "this old thing" and still knocks the wind out of the room.