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Bad Taste: Chris Brown Turns Up at Gaultier's Bloody Runway Show



    Remember Jean Paul Gaultier's runway show yesterday, where the models looked like beat-up boxers? Well, it turns out Chris Brown was there. Yes, that Chris Brown. Some people should think before they make an appearance.

    Brown has been doing the rounds at the men's fashion week shows in Paris, so to be fair, it's not like the Gaultier show was the only one he went to that day. (Sidebar: We all remember that it was Rihanna's grand tour of the Paris fashion shows last season that really cemented her fashion reputation. We're not convinced this is coincidence.) But still: In our opinion, someone in Brown's publicity department clearly didn't do his or her research. Also, we're not entirely sure that it was the best idea to pose, smiling, with the designer after the show like you're in on the joke. Better to just steer clear of these connotations overall, at this point, no?

    Best of all, Brown took the opportunity to tell WWD that he'd love ot collaborate with a label on a fashion line. Somehow we're not sure most designers -- who are notoriously meticulous about their image and brand's perception in the media -- are yet ready to take that kind of leap with someone who's still toeing the line of what's appropriate.