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BB Dakota Rides the "Twilight" Train



    The vampire saga, Twilight has bewitched about $400 million worth of teenage girls, and BB Dakota can credit the films for a huge growth in their business after a stylist picked their jacket for the main character, Bella. 

    Once the movie took off, what had been a quick grab from an off-price rack was reintroduced as "The Twilight Jacket" and girls everywhere were clamoring for the blue anorak, and, as it turned out, the entire line.  We stood by somewhat baffled at that coat flying off the proverbial shelves all over the Internet. 

    BB Dakota has ridden the momentum of that one little jacket to expand its main collection and lower-priced Jack BB Dakota line, as well as launch its first shoe collection and a higher-end option, the Dakota Collective.  Essentially, the boom was strong enough to establish BB Dakota as a stand-alone brand, letting go of their licensing partnership with Nzania to operate on their own.  While the recession continues to batter retail elsewhere, BB Dakota peeps are predicting a 20% increase in sales.  

    The attention also prompted the brand to launch e-commerce on its site, adding to its online presence at several e-shops, including shopbop and Revolve

    This snowballing jacket fever begs the question: is Bella the new Oprah?