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Anna Dello Russo Chooses Clothes Over Men



    If fashion were a religion, Anna Dello Russo, Vogue Nippon's inimitably over-the-top fashion editor, would be right up there at the alter, vowing her utter and pious devotion. In a recent profile in the Guardian UK, ADR (as she loves to be called by her fans) sums up her relationship to all-things sartorial:

    Fashion, in me, is folie, is sickness! I never bored of fashion. It is my vision for life. Reality for me is too tough. Fashion is an escape. Fashion! Is my addiction! Is better than drugs, or…

    Far more than marriage, fashion is probably the one institution she won't abandon—or rather, fashion won't abandon her:

    I spend all my life in fashion! I don't have children. I actually have a dog. And I lost my husband anyway. Because he said: 'Too much clothes, in your house!' He said to me: 'Where is the space for me?' I said: 'There is no space for you.' He says: 'Where is the space in the closet?' There is no space in the closet! He says: 'Are you crazy?' Then he left. No space for 'im!

    Indeed, ADR was married for a little over a month before her closet size became a major point of contention. Still, she seems less than despondent by the outcome. To anyone who says that clothes won't love you back, ADR might have something different to offer.