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American Eagle Closing Martin + Osa



    As some rumors had suggested, American Eagle has announced it will, indeed, be closing down the more mature, design-focused Martin + Osa label.

    Founded four years ago, the chic line apparently never really took off with shoppers, and was pretty much hemorraging money. According to WWD, the label created "an after-tax loss of about $44 million" in fiscal 2008. Considering that most brand's are re-centering their strategies, it makes sense that the youth-focused American Eagle would decide to cut its losses. The parent company will be shuttering the Martin + Osa's 28 stores and online business indefinitely -- leaving all those 25-40-year-olds with only the youthful wares at AE for their fix. 

    The company will continue with its other spin-off lines -- aerie lingerie and 77kids lines.