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American Apparel Casts 61-Year-Old Model



    In a daring new campaign, American Apparel has replaced its familiar waify, semi-nude hipsters with someone perhaps even more shocking: an older woman.

    With long gray hair and sharp, arched eyebrows, Jacky O'Shaughnessy—who turns 61 in December, Fashionista reports—is the face of the brand's new "Advanced Basics" collection, which is primarily composed of simple knits and more mature cuts of ready-to-wear.

    While most of Jacky's campaign photos are reasonably conservative—leaning against a brick wall in a yellow polo shirt, for example, or posed by a window in a sheer polka-dot blouse—at least one picture is startlingly provocative, proving that American Apparel's move to feature an older model doesn't mean it's outgrown its signature crotch shots.

    Nonetheless, O'Shaughnessy appears comfortable with the campaign, describing her on-set experience as "very personal" and "lots of fun" in an interview with Fashionista.

    While we're excited to see mature models gaining momentum in the fashion sphere (remember Lauren Hutton's gangbusters J.Crew campaign two years ago?), we hope "Advanced Basics" won't prove to be another shock-value schtick.

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