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The Hells Angels Sue Alexander McQueen Over "Death Head" Design



    Hell hath no fury like a wronged biker gang, especially when that group is the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The Angels have filed suit against Alexander McQueen for unauthorized use of its trademark skull-and-wings "Death Head" icon on several articles of clothing, jewelry, as well as handbags. Saks Fifth Avenue and are also being sued for selling the items in question, the NY Post reports.

    The Hells Angels have always been extremely territorial about their imagery and intellectual property, which is to be expected from a gang that maintains strident standards for membership. In recent years, the groups has sued Disney and DC Comics for similar trademark infringements, alas, McQueen's "Hells Angels Jacquard Box Dress" and "Hells Four-finger Ring," both of which bear the Angels' name and symbol, were practically goading a lawsuit.

    In addition to monetary reparations, the group is also demanding a recall and supervised destruction of the items. (Note to anyone who owns one of these questionable pieces: Hide it away and do not wear it anywhere near a Hells Angels clubhouse.)

    When it comes to copycat call-outs, McQueen's been on both ends of the ruler lately. In recent news, Harry Potter's costume designer Jany Temime is being criticized for plagiarizing a McQueen dress, which will appear in the franchise's next installment.