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Summer to Fall: a Stylist's Advice



    "Don't wear white" just doesn't apply when it comes to NYC wardrobe advice, especially when that's probably from (bless her) a woman who wouldn't understand the concept of suitcase-as-storage.  Enter the Closet Connoisseur, Taryn Smith, to help transition us into fall. 

    Whether you're freezing your bare legs off or sweating through a brand-new, but premature, layer of mohair somewhere in the city during the months of September, October and (hopefully) early November, you've faced the conundrum: what on this bizarre version of earth do I wear? 

    We were wondering the same thing, and so when we came across Smith's lesson plan on her blog, Tell them Taryn Sent You, we were taking notes.  Smith moonlights as a stylist and wardrobe editor, offering four tiers of sartorial storage detoxification - a particularly pertinent ritual to undergo now. 

    So, as your electric bill goes down, it might be the time to use that extra money for some real help.  In the meantime, skip calling your mother and read the transition tutorial here