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Fall 2014

Jason Wu's Spring 2010 Inspirations



    We had the distinct privilege of visiting Jason Wu's studio in the midst of fittings, details wrangling, and more on Tuesday and caught a glimpse of the incredible looks that will be parading down the runway at the St. Regis in a matter of hours. You'll have to wait to see the pieces for yourself, but Wu was kind enough to share some of his inspirations.

    "For spring, I was inpsired by the works of arist Tara Donovan," said Wu. "She's a master at using ordinary items -- tape, Styrofoam cups, even toothpicks -- to create beautiful large-scale installations. The contemporary installations incorporate the same repeating textures and architectural details that I wanted to channel into my spring collection."

    To see the final results, you'll have to wait until the collection later today!