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Samantha Pleet: Spring 2010



    Samantha Pleet: Spring 2010
    Charlotte Pinson

    Samantha Pleet's presentation at the Soho Grand had a lush, garden party vibe, complete with '50s waves, red lips, and a video of models romping through nature in a playfully feminine collection of rompers, florals, and mom's heavy family jewels.

    Granted, the video also had a certain Bacchanalia vibe -- full disclosure: folks got naked whilst romping through the woods, along with vivid images of rocking trees and rushing waters -- giving the whole collection a more playful, youth-focused appeal. Or maybe it was the rompers that did it.

    The clothes all had the typical feminine charm Pleet's known for: high waists, curvy '50s silhouettes, bold colors, sweetheard necklines and -- like we mentioned -- rompers again for spring. Getting close to the clothes in presentations has its benefits -- we were impressed by the detailing on pieces like the cinched waist on a floral number and the lush purple pattern on a one-piece.