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SATC-Mania Gets a New Scent



    Banking on the first Sex and the City blockbuster, Coty is wisely releasing its newest fragrance, SJP NYC to coincide with the marketing bonanza surrounding the sequel's May release. 

    Carrie Bradshaw twirling with glee amidst a swath of hot pink is a surefire backdrop to sell a perfume, or so say the folks at Coty. The scent will drop along with cosmetic bags, bracelets and reversible tote bags, and be packaged in a reusable container inspired by Carrie's famous closet.  SJP is no stranger to the scent world -- her Lovely sits in the top 50 women's perfumes in the U.S. -- and she calls this new fruity floral a "party in a bottle".

    SJP NYC will hit Macy's stores first in February, then go wide in May when the highly anticipated Sex and the City 2 comes out.  No doubt it'll be a massive spritz blitz.