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SATC Filming Frenzy Hits NYC



    And until it hits any of the blocks between our apartment and the subway, we'll be loving every minute of it.  Already, Sarah Jessica Parker made a splash decked in bedazzled Louboutins and Chanel jewels (no big deal), and next up: her 1940s-inspired t-strap pumps.

    Paired with a swingy (and also bedazzled) violet dress, big red sack, silver Mercedes and Mr. Big, Carrie kicks it in contrasting chunky-but-dainty, two-tone, vintage-style shoes.  Perhaps Pat Field took cues from Hollywood's style maven du jour (during SJP's Carrie recess), Diane Kruger, on her global jaunt and Botega Veneta outfitting for her glamorpuss role in Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.

    Either way, we'll have our eyes peeled for more on the SJP SATC weathervane as the crew makes its way across the city.