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An Unbelievable Rumor: Tom Ford for H&M



    When we read the headline, our pulses raced: Tom Ford may be the next to design a capsule collection for H&M. The details, sadly, don't seem to match up to the hype.

    The French Tribune recently reported that following the wildly popular Lanvin for H&M collection, Tom Ford will be the next in line to collaborate with the fast fashion chain. Considering that Ford just debuted his first and very exclusively-shown collection for spring 2011, the prospect of mass-market goods fashioned by the designer already seemed too good to be true. The article also stated that the H&M collection would consist of the same styles that Ford revealed in French Vogue, following months of secrecy, which also makes us think that something's been lost in translation.

    Given the astounding build-up and monumental nature of Lanvin's recent collection for the retailer—a historic one, more sure—it would certainly require a giant like Tom Ford to follow up and match that kind of success. At the same time, Mr. Ford has indicated in recent interviews that he's not a fan of fashion being consumed on the fly. While we're not giving up hope that such a collaboration may be in the works (hey, at one point we never imagined it would happen with Lanvin), we're not holding our collective breath either.