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Rumor: Marc Jacobs to Become Reality TV Star



    Reports are circling today that designer Marc Jacobs has signed on to do a reality show inspired by "The Real Housewives" that centers on -- you guessed it -- glamorous gay couples. But we'll admit: The story has some shaky sourcing.

    The show, which is called "Kept," is currently in the works at gay-focused network Logo, and according to The Daily News, it could start filming as early as November (open casting calls are apparently being held in the coming weeks).

    Jacobs has apparently wanted his own reality show for some time, so this hasn't exactly come out of the blue, but Gawker reported on the story last Friday and, despite running an image of Jacobs alongside the story, definitely didn't confirm that he had signed on to do the show. Then The Daily News reports that he has, but doesn't claim to have any original sourcing on the story. It seems like everyone definitely wants to believe such a star turn could happen, and indeed, it would make for some amazing television.