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Report: Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone Got Hitched! (Updated)



    An under-the-radar style blog has posted pictures of what looks to be the wedding of Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone, complete with daisy-strewn wedding cake and a topper depicting the handsome duo.

    Styleexperts posted several photos of the celebration -- including a fantastic detail shot of the cake topper, which even has all of Jacobs' tattoos on it -- and claims the wedding had taken place in St. Barth's at a private location, followed by a dinner hosted by Larry Gagosian.

    There's been no official word from the Marc Jacobs camp to confirm the rumors of impending nuptials that have been running rampant since the couple got engaged in March, but the couple has been vacationing in St. Barth's, and these photos (picked up by Guest of a Guest) certainly do look convincing. That said, if this is all an elaborate prank, well done!


    A prank it seems indeed! A rep for the designer tells Us Weekly that reports of a wedding on St. Barth's are "not true." Apparently, the whole shindig was just "a party" that someone threw them. Um, can we get the number of whoever made that cake topper? Sounds like quite a party.