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Ralph Lauren Is at It Again



    First, Ralph LaurenPhotoshopped model Filippa Hamilton into distorted oblivion and we were shocked. Then, Hamilton claimed Lauren fired her for being fat and we were stunned.  And now, this new Photoshop Bobblehead appeared and we're speechless.

    But, c'mon, it's us, so we're not speechless to the point of not posting something about it.  The latest distorted image looks like something our tween cousins cook up in Photobooth and post on Facebook, and this is Ralph Lauren, for goodness' sake.  Just when we thought the biggest turn had been taken when Hamilton appeared on the TODAY show, this crops up. 

    There's sure to be some kind of new statement or development to come, so we'll just continue to ruminate on gchat about what could possibly be behind this whole thing, and let you know what we hear.