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Fall 2014

Ralph Lauren: Spring 2010



    Ralph Lauren felt like one of the few designers who really took the moment in time literally, channeling the era of the Depression -- from overalls, newsboy hats, and little floral dresses to dapper three-piece suits and long silk dresses. Oh, and Janet Jackson was sitting front row! Needless to say, papparazzi explosion.

    Racked went so far as to call the collection "The Grapes of Ralph" (niiiice!), while other editors kept calling the look "dust bowl chic": In reality, it really was top-to-bottom class dressing from a very unique period. Of course, it was Ralph's take on such an iconic moment in American history -- the Laura Ingalls Wilder dresses all had the most perfectly delicate floral prints, the suits had wonderfully exaggerated shoulders, and the designer (as always) did not neglect the dresses, which ranged from long and layered to short and ruffly. Side-cocked newsboy caps were absolutely everywhere.

    It did seem like a wonderfully playful and timely concept -- if a bit, let's admit, hokey: capturing such an American moment that encapsulated everything we like to think about strength and resilience at a time when the industry is sorely in need.