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Ralph Lauren Makes Preppy Gear for the Olympians



    Ralph Lauren is once again the official "Parade Outfitter" for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and will extend the relationship through 2012. Best of all, the less motivated and talented (read: the rest of us), can wear it too.

    Just as Olympic fever - and merchandising - reach a fever pitch, Ralph Lauren released its all-American line of winter gear for the Olympic athletes and the general public.  Ralph Lauren is the natural choice for such fashion patriotism, and the 202 Winter Olympic Games Collection features polos, jackets, sweatshirts and a cream reindeer sweater in the requisite red, white and blue. Best of all, it's quite refreshing to see Ralph Lauren modeling its gear on rosy-cheeked, athletic bodies instead of eerily-slim models. Regardless of performance, looks like the American team will be looking pretty chic this Winter Games.