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Preen: Spring 2010



    At first, Preen's Spring 2010 show seemed to emulate the rain outside, with misty grays dominating the first few looks.  Lo and behold, however, the clouds parted for pops of lemon-lime and neon watermelon pink.  In the city, however, the drizzle persisted. 

    Less is more: more sheer, more skin, more thoughtful draping, love.  Preen's Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi pumped up their spring pieces with wild-feminine applique detailing and snatches of lace here and there.  On yet another up-to-there mini, a cheeky bustle spiced things up, while a pair of handsomely boxy culottes toned the mood back down again.  Urban 80s shone through in piece-meal metallic cigarette pants, cosmic power shoulders and the contrast of wispy gray with citrusy neon undertones peeking out from all angles.  Editors' iPhones and BlackBerrys went mad for the finale duo of magically beaded cocktail dresses that sparkled into a stained-glass rainbow under certain lights.  

    Definitely spectacular, and just the ticket to lifting everyone's somewhat rain-sogged spirits a smidge.