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Poll Confirms What We Knew: It's Too Early For Christmas



    Most people plan to shop just as much this holiday season, while more than half will stick to the Internet and that's right, those who don't think the season starts before Halloween are still in the majority. 

    The recent online poll of 500,000 adults between 18-70 by Zogby International essentially concluded that holiday shopping habits are mostly undeterred by the marketing explosion and, in fact, 53% remain steadfast in their schedule containing the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Perhaps more interestingly, they're also undeterred by the economic downturn, with just over half of those polled spending the same amount this year than in 2008, which is roughly between $300-$1,000.

    While these slightly healthy expectations may bode well for the retail industry and of course, spending is good for the economy, some say that the gradually improving savings rate of consumers as a result of the recession may suffer around the holidays - 69% are charging said purchases - and drive up dept in early 2010.

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see.