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Obama Offers Oprah Touch to Michelle's Garavelli Brooch



    There are actual statistics confirming the wattage of Oprah's Midas mention - anything she utters sees something like a trillion-percent sales increase.  So when President Obama appeared with the other O for the White House Christmas Special and dropped a com about the First Lady's Garavelli Brooch, he spurred a similar phenomenon for the jeweler.

    Oh, how we love those Obamas.  Put them in a room with Oprah, and, well, we get into a strangely zealous buying mood too.  So when the President countered his wife's claim that she was responsible for their family's gift-buying by reminding her of the custom Garavelli brooch she was actually wearing at the time, the lines at the jeweler lit up.  Turns out, Mr. O purchased the bauble at a Chicago jewelry shop that, inexplicably opted to remain anonymous.

    Merry Christmas, Garavelli - it pays to outfit the First Lady when she's doing Oprah, apparently.