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"Coco Before Chanel": Comme Ci, Comme Ca?



    There seems to be an interesting divergence of opinion on the Audrey Tatou-led Chanel biopic premiering tonight. Regardless, you can bet your britches (or quilted chain bag, if you wish) we'll be first in line for tickets.

    As any fashion junkie knows, you don't need an advanced degree to appreciate a scandalous look into the steamy love affairs and society standard-busting party girl years of someone such as Madame Chanel -- but apparently, The New Yorker disagrees.  Giving both the film and title character actress Audrey Tatou a grade of mediocrity, Current Cinema reviewer Anthony Lane dismisses performance and producion as "undriven [and] indulgent."  The Times' A.O. Scott, on the other hand, sings the praises of Tatou's "fierce" portrayal of modern fashion's trailblazing tomboy queen, as part of a rich and "unusually vivid and convincing account" of the designer's young life.  

    Both reviews are worth reading, but as usual, we'll just have to see for ourselves.