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Megan Fox to Replace Victoria Beckham at Armani



    Everyone suspected something was up when Megan Fox showed up at the Armani Prive show over the summer, and suspicions were confirmed when Armani announced the too-hot-to-handle starlet would appear in the brand's upcoming Emporio Armani Underwear campaign.

    Fox will succeed Victoria Beckham, who famously posed with her husband, David Beckham, in steamy ads that sometimes even involved her perched on a ladder wearing Armani undies. Now the twosome in question will be Ms. Fox and the latest addition to the Armani family, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. (Alas, the two will not be posing together.) In addition to the underwear campaign -- which teenage boys across the country are no doubt already awaiting with bated breath -- Fox will also be a part of Armani's denim campaign, and both are set to kick off in January 2010.