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McQueen's Next Stop: World Domination via the Web



    Taking a cue from designers like Michael Kors, Burberry and Twenty8Twelve and stepping it up a characteristic notch, Alexander McQueen will partner with ShowStudio to livestream his Spring 2010 show across the continents October 6, so that spectators the world over will feel like they're there.

    The king of the unconventional and never one to forego a dramatic showing, McQueen's show aims to dazzle anyone with a computer from America to Asia.  To satisfy the naive cravings of an audience wanting instant gratification (it may not be resoundingly clear at first these clothes won't be in stores for another six months), McQueen is said to be launching an off-the-runway capsule collection. 

    Having viewed the Christian Siriano show with a group of non-industry consumers in the AmEx Skybox, the Thread was refreshed to be amongst those who were wholeheartedly excited by the clothes, the drama and the magic of a fashion show - quite unlike the jaded mass of black vying for a look at the front row set and promptly departing to cover the nitty gritty.  That said, we're thinking the web-walks will be quite a hit!