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Marc Jacobs: Spring 2010



    Marc Jacobs knows we still want to be romanced.
    Sheer?  OK.  Alabaster skin? Why not.  Scrunchies? Of course!  If there was any suspicion that the whimsy of our favorite designer would make way for practical, work-horse clothing with "buy now, wear now" appeal, MJ shook us by the shoulders and screamed "Come on!  Fashion is meant to be fun!!!" 

    The show took place at Marc's usual venue, the 26th st. Armory.   Once notorious for excruciatingly late starts, the show may have literally begun the second the clock struck 8- which coincided with the seating of Madonna and Jesus Luz (who, for the record, looked kind of overwhelmed and shy in the shadow of Ms. Thang).  Robert Duffy sat besides the couple (decked out in blue leather) across the runway from the Vogue's Masthead: Hamish Bowles, Sally Singer, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington and Meredith Melling Burke...  Perez Hilton snagged a ticket, front row in neon yellow. All in all there seemed to be a small amount of star power in the audience, save Lady GaGa, Madonna's competition for the paparazzi frenzy.
    The heat was a touch unbearable in the stark white space that seemed to reflect the bright lights; needless to say, a timely start was much appreciated.  We weren't the only ones using our invitation as a fan (we're talking to you, Ms. Coddington). 
    And then those clothes.  In usual Jacobs fashion, the references were so varied we almost need to invent a word to summarize the whole thing: kabuki/ruffled/sex-kitten/Opera-loving/'80's club kid.  Teeny tiny ruffled shorts (and by ruffled we mean structured, thick, ruffled layers that literally protruded from the fabric) appeared in more than one look- great gams a requisite for those lengths.  Meanwhile, skirts were long, several hitting the awkward length of mid-calf. 
    As usual, accessories were covetable.  Flat sandals, with a slight platform base were sliced off at the back and brought to mind those infamous, heel-less shoes of Spring '08.  Bags were big with aggressively long fringe fit for an Olsen.   
    Yup.  Mix master Jacobs, again, creates a collection that is entirely whole in it's randomness; a sure favorite of editors and shoppers (did we mention we happen to be both?).