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Lucky Debuts Online Shopping Portal



    In one of the more clever, Web-savvy moves for a jewel in Conde Nast's print crown, Lucky Magazine has launched a slick online shopping experience that's essentially a "big edit" of over 40 great retailers.

    The result is a kind of "e-boutique," with wares from more than 450 brands curated into categories like "stylish daytime clutches" and "statement rings" -- the kind of want-them-right-now trends you'd read about in the magazine itself. What's more, the new experience has even been integrated into the shopping features already on, creating a rather seamless style inspiration-to-retail purchase experience.

    Granted, we may have been influenced by the mojitos the Lucky gals offered us during the presentation of the new site, but it really does seem like a pretty good idea (and a natural fit for Lucky, the magazine entire devoted to shopping). As editor-in-chief Kim France put it, Lucky wanted to create a more curated alernative to search-heavy sites like or, which often offer pages upon pages of results, when all you want is the top 20.  As such, the editors set out to do "a great big edit of the retailers that we like." Best of all, the site also offers cash-back rewards if you sign up for "Lucky Rewards."