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Louboutin Will NOT Jump on the Collabo-Wagon



    It seems a day doesn't go by without news of a new collaboration between high and low, so when Christian Louboutin candidly revealed to The Cut he had turned down a gig with H&M, and would not pursue anything like it in the future, eyebrows were raised. 


    There will never be Christian Louboutin for H&M - even with, say, an orange sole? That's right, Louboutin told the Cut that he had, in fact, rejected a previous offer from the affordable, trendy retailer to work together on a collection, and has no plans to ever do so in the future, despite Jimmy Choo's buzzed-about line about to drop.  The legendary Louboutin diplomatically cited the extensive work involved in such a collection, which is not hard to imagine, given the demand his full-price line demands regardless of price tag. 

    Sigh.  We'll just have to keep saving.