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Lorick Spring 2010 - Magnifique! Seriously.



    Lorick's artful spring collection shone in a mid-morning speakeasy at the Tribeca Grand.  Prints galore, juicy blues and corals and strong neutrals - very Mary Ann-meets-Ginger, if you will. 

    Presented in three vignettes, the Watercolor, the Pastel and the Acrylic, Lorick's lovely range leaped from tailored toile, smeared pastel, plaid and muted neutral pinafore silhouettes to downright gangsta glam accessorized by diamond-dripping disco earrings, wild statement necklaces and bejeweled chokers and bangles -- all by NYC's newest shop owner Fenton-Fallon

    And while the retro jazz band played away, the girls were live-painted (if that's not a real term, we just invented it!) by artist Christine Hostetler.  We even spotted a little terrier making the rounds among the crowd - fun! 

    Only a trule talent like FIT-grad Abigail Lorick could spin such thrilling creations that will translate impeccably to any cute girl on the street.  Wearable high fashion doesn't come along every day, but it did today!