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Lindsay Lohan Claims to be Designing for Bebe



    Perhaps La Lohan is following the fabled axiom, "if at first you don't succeed": She told Access Hollywood recently that she's still designing -- this time with a jeweler and "a friend who owns Bebe."

    As Lohan told Access Hollywood, "[Jeweler Pascal [Mouawad] and I are actually working together, we're doing something with a friend who owns Bebe ... We're doing a collection for them and we're also going to be doing some other things."

    The jeweler is no stranger to celebrity collaborations -- he also worked with Heidi Klum to launch her signature line of fine jewelry and has outfitted stars from Angelina Jolie to Janet Jackson in glittering baubles.

    After her tremendous flop of a collection for Ungaro, we'll admit we were hoping Lohan would shrink her aspirations a bit and really focus on improving (lest we all forget, the woman is also designing a whole line of leggings: 6126). Fashionista even rightly questioned the terms of her contract with Ungaro -- can she even collaborate with other retailers like Bebe? From the sound of things, however, Lindsay has taken the criticism more as a challenge to expand -- and we'll admit, we're scared what "doing some other things" might mean.