Lady Gaga to Receive ACE "Stylemaker" Award. - NBC New York
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Lady Gaga to Receive ACE "Stylemaker" Award.



    The Accessories Council Excellence Awards (ACE) are recognizing the moment's most flamboyant pop firestorm, Lady Gaga, with the "Stylemaker" award, to be presented by none other than Marc Jacobs.  

    Unless one's head has been buried under a rock the size of one of her headpieces, one knows the one-woman glittering junk show that is Lady Gaga.  While some may disagree her always unpredictable and mostly baffling costumes and accessories translate to fashion influence, we're going to have to second ACE's decision.  After all, Gaga-fication has infiltrated every aspect of daily life, from the teens to the sophisticates to the Spring 2010 runways in New York, London, Milan and Paris

    Maybe it's because no one knows what to make of her that makes the choice a surprising one, but isn't that sort of what real style is all about?