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Know Right Now: Rachel Antonoff



     Rachel Antonoff's really off to the races with two seasons of original, girlish-yet-elegant dresses (think full skirts) under her belt. The adorable designer's currently hard at work on her F/W '10 collection, collaborating with Target, and still finding time to scour the city's coolest vintage shops. We stole a couple moments to talk about ballerinas and playing dress up.
    Do you have a favorite fashion memory from when you were growing up?
    Probably Jem from Jem and the Holograms. I would watch that show every morning before school. She was my fashion icon.

    What was the inspiration behind your S/S '10 collection?

    Ballerinas and what they might wear on a day off. We actually had a dancer from the NYC ballet in the presentation.
    It seems like at presentations, you really create characters for each model. Why?
    My favorite thing about clothes are the element of costume and transformation. I love the idea of playing dress up and I really wanted that to show in the presentation. The whole idea of it was a bunch of people getting together to put on a show whether it was building the sets, starring in it or making the costumes. Just being a part of the big show!
    What other designers do you admire?
    Abigail Lorick is absolutely amazing. Also Wren, Prabal Gurung, Samantha Pleet and Moises De La Renta.
    Where do you like to shop in NYC?
    Archangel Antiques is one of my favorite stores in the city. They have over one million vintage buttons! I also love Olives in Carroll Gardens, and  Pippin is in this magical little house tucked back in an alley. It's amazing!
    Where are you currently in terms of your F/W '10 collection? Brainstorming? Sketching? Choosing fabrics?
    I'm really excited about fall! I'm pretty much doing all of the above right now. I'm actually sitting on the floor surrounded by a mound of swatches right now!
    Rachel Antonoff is available at Barneys New York.