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Know Right Now: GM Collections



    New York based, GM Collections designer, Giuliana Michelotti, has geniuosly merged practical with stylish filling her sterling silver gems with WAX.  The result?  Light-weight and perfectly imperfect jewels.

    If you've been tinkering with an affection for statement jewelry but just can't withstand the discomfort of heavy baubles (really, who can?) enter these exquisite alternatives.  The weight actually left us incredulous as to whether the metal was the real deal (it is) and the misshapen quality of the wax gives the pieces an enviable rugged-ness, perfect for a villa on a Greek Island or, er, a Lower East Side cocktail party.  Prices range between $400 and up for rings and necklaces start around $300.

    We're particularly partial to those rings of which such awkward shapes feel most appropriate and effortless.  Home goods are also offered by the designer like hand formed paper weights and coral candle sticks. 

    GM Designs are sold at the

    MoMa: Museum of Arts & Design Store at 44 W. 43rd St.

    Takashimaya693 Fifth Avenue @ 55th St.

    Change of Season 341 E. 9th St.