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Kelly Cutrone's Reality Show Premieres February 1 on Bravo



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    Kelly Cultrone

    Kelly Cutrone has long been high on our list of people who should get a reality show, and in February, we'll get our wish, when "Kell on Earth" (yeah, yeah, the name's a little silly) debuts, giving us a glimpse into the the tough-talking PR maven's life.

    According to Kelly, it's all about women following their dreams and not "having 2.5 children," but from the looks of some spoiler clips, it also about the inner workings of a fast-and-furious company -- People's Revolution -- where ladies work their butts off, while Kelly drops some impressive F-bombs. Folks, if this clip is any indication of the hardcore, tough-talking dame we've grown to love watching during fashion week, we're in. Here's a hint: One of the office rules is that there's "no crying."

    You can watch some sneak peek videos up on Bravo's website, however, with little heart-warming surprises about Kelly -- she loves to cook and buy cake pans! She ice skates! -- and the story behind the name: Apparently, her ex told her (as he was breaking up with her) that if she ever got her own reality show, it should be calle d "Kell on Earth," because that's what it was like being with her. Ouch!