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Karen Walker: Spring 2010



    Karen Walker seems to be in a very good mood these days with what we surmise to be good reason.  Her collection of eyewear is exactly the kinds of shades we're in the market for (and apparently we're not alone, they've been spotted everywhere this week).  As a whole the Spring '10 collection was uplifting, and, of all things, The Prisoner (a cult British televsion series from the '60's) was what Walker sited as inspiration. 

    Anoraks in all variations will be on offer in Spring, as well as mini ruffled dresses and a variety of khaki and nautical striped separates. But like the unlikely setting of the show Walker quotes as inspiration (a prison for retired spies), there is clearly much joy derived.  Case in point: although a rainy-day-ready hunter green poncho is mostly appropriate on a stormy afternoon the bright yellow hat peeping out from under the hood seemed to say: It's OK!

    Walker knows what she does well and she fully explored it in this collection.  If you love stripes (lord knows we do) this is a collection to go after.  We adored a slinky striped jersey dress that was surprisingly sexy for Walker.  Models teetered in stilettos and slinked along in boat shoes; Walker finds a rather unconventional sexiness in her use of contrasts.

    All in all, the mood was upbeat- joyful even- and we could certainly use a little of that at the very least in our closets!