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Jeans Get Real in Denim Downturn



    Much like real estate, Americans had been fiending for jeans they couldn't afford before the recession.  Now it seems the bubble has burst and exoribitant prices on the wardrobe basic have been reigned in.  The New York Times reports.

    This article is a must-read.  Oh, how we love when the Times comes up with these gems: comparing Bergdorfs and Saks to Loehman's! Blasting "cotton dungarees" that cost as much as an iPod! Good stuff.  In all seriousness, however, they're spot-on in the analysis of the pre-recession frenzy for $300+ "premium" jeans that have now seemed to go by the wayside - AKA, under $200.

    The Times piece blows the whistle to clarify that the decline in designer prices does not indicate a lesser garment, but rather, the inability for consumers to be charged simply for the prestige of wearing a certain label, especially when it comes to denim, which is inexpensive to manufacture. 

     I think we can all breathe a collective "AMEN" to that.