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Ivanka's Conservative Vera Wang: A New Bridal Trend



    Somewhat surprisingly, Ivanka Trump's couture Vera Wang bridal gown sparked a lot of buzz last weekend for its prim lace bodice that covered her arms and neck with just a wisp of impeccable lace.  Could elegant restraint become the next Big Thing with brides?

    We, and The New York Times' Cathy Horyn, think so.

    For once, the photograph of a socialite heiress is getting bounced around the talking heads on TV for reasons other than a DUI conviction or any other of the millions of things we don't care about.  When the newly converted Orthodox Jewish real estate wunderkind iTrump and her (also Orthodox) hubs, Observer owner Jared Kushnerreleased their wedding photo this week, people were stunned and refreshed. 

    Sure, Grace Kelly has become a ubiquitous source of inspiration for anything remotely pretty, yet this time, the emulence was resoundingly clear. Because of the families' religious conservatism, iTrump's gown featured a sheer lace overlay with elbow sleeves and a high, straight neck.  But it wasn't at all restrictive or dowdy, but rather, seemingly effortless and endlessly flattering and feminine. 

    We wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this was the dress to launch a new trend we're going to call the modern modest.