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It's Come to This: "Twilight" Fashion Week



    In anticipation of Nordstrom's upcoming line of clothing for juniors inspired by "Twilight" (and carefully timed with the release of "New Moon"), MTV is staging its own little fashion week with some sneak peeks at the collection ... as modeled by their own interns.

    From the looks of things, the collection will feature lots of cute, high school-inspired T-shirts sporting phrases like "Team Edward" and "Team Wolfpack." No doubt there will be cozy perfect-for-the-Pacific-Northwest sweaters and cardigans, and accessories galore. We're with The Cut on this one in declaring a moratorium on calling things fashion weeks on the whole (especially since this one seems to be merely photographs of interns in an office wearing the goods as opposed to, oh, a full-on runway presentation), though we'll admit we're also pretty curious to see how far this whole "Twilight" merchandising bonanza can really go.