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Hilfiger Flagship open on 5th Avenue



    Tommy Hilfiger opened his flagship store on 5th Avenue last night before his Spring 2010 show.  In the crowd, we caught: Tommy and daughter Ally, Russell Simmons, Alicia Keys, Sarah Ferguson (yes, the Duchess of York found her way to Hilfiger), Carine Riotfeld and Byrdie Bell.  Also in attendance were Emily Blunt, Naomi Watts, Penn Badgley, Anna Wintour and Mena Suvari. 

    Luckily the store is massive, 4 floors with a sweeping, winding staircase that allows you to gaze at the men's merch on the 1st and 2nd floor from the women's floors on 3 and 4.  We've got to hand it to Hilfiger, the store design is exquisite.  Kind of like a hotel/high end department store, cashwraps mirror front desk check-in's and the elevators (there's more than one) are banked to the side with vintage magazine covers adorning the alcoves.  Several areas have been designated themes.  Favorites included the Navajo inspired men's accessories area on the 2nd floor (complete with feather headresses) and a series of vintage polaroids was a backdrop for women's accessories on the 4th floor. 

    Truffled shrimp tacos and sweet cherry tomatoes stuffed with fresh mozzarella were passed, and although champagne was the beverage of choice there were carts peddling bottled beer as well.  A rather impressive kick-off for the Hilfiger brand and we should mention that the wares are looking pretty darn good for Hilfiger.  No baggy jeans or logos to be found.  Hilfiger 2010 is preppy at it's best.