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High Fives: Penelope Cruz



    High Fives: Penelope Cruz
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    The Spanish-born actress mixed edgy and glamorous while attending the premiere of "Broken Embraces" with her close friend and director Pedro Almodovar.

    Mixing a tough-yet-sleek leather jacket with zippers running up the side is exactly the kind of thing one often fantasizes about wearing with a floor-length silk gown, but who really gets the chance to do it? Well, Penelope Cruz, apparently, and she pulls it off with panache. We love how the sexy Cruz wore her hair long and loose, and kept her accessories confined to simple (yet dazzling) diamond studs.

    Some might take issue with the fact that the look doesn't entirely flatter Cruz's middle section all that much (there's not much in the way of a defined waist here), but frankly the cool, offbeat nature of the ensemble really makes up for that.