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High Fives: Natalie Portman



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    Natalie Portman's richly-hued ensemble from last night's screening of "Brothers" was a lesson in adventurous color-pairing, that just happened to work out perfectly.

    Taking for granted that Portman chose a dress that proved incredibly flattering for her petite figure (the little cinched waist, the full skirt, the ornate sweetheart neckline -- it's tough to go wrong with this shape), it's the playfully-paired colors here that really make the outfit worth a second look. A lesser dame wouldn't have though to pair this lush, midnight blue color with a contrasting canary yellow clutch and warm, magenta heels, but the match works surprisingly well, especially since both are rendered in sleek satin.

    If one is going to attempt a similar look, follow Portman's example in keeping her hair up and her jewelry minimal, making sure the focus of the ensemble stays on the unconventional colors.