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High Fives: MTV VMAs Edition



    As usual, the MTV award show offered very few stand-outs in the fashion department, and plenty of cringe-worthy red carpet appearances. While the overall trend was short, tight, and strapless, these ladies got it just right.

    We understand that the VMAs often present a fashion dilemma -- you want to stand out but don't go over the top -- but at this point, shouldn't everyone just KNOW that the dress code is "short, sassy, and if possible -- sparkly?" (Memo to Taylor Swift: Your long, sparkling gown was absolutely gorgeous, but this is the VMAs, not the Oscars!)


    The fashion set decided to show up at the VMAs this year, and man, it shows. Palermo's LBD showed off the strong shoulders trend we've been loving, and the animal print belt was just enough sass to keep the outfit competitive on such a wild red carpet.


    Short, plunging neckline, and bright red. As ever, Beyonce nailed it -- and also managed to bring some vivid color to the awards show, which was rather lacking.


    We'll probably catch some flak for this, but in all honesty, Perry's outfit was exactly right for the event. Super-short, metallic, but at the same time very flattering to her petite, curvaceous figure. Was it crazy? You bet. But it's just the right amount of crazy for the circumstances.