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High Fives: Lake Bell



    High Fives: Lake Bell
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    While everyone else was focused on the Lindsay Lohan horrorshow (visual evidence here) at the Whitney Museum Ball last night hosted by Donatella Versace, we couldn't help but notice Lake Bell's eye-catching red gown standing out amid a sea of gold and metallic minidresses.

    Proving that sometimes it pays to take a more classic route, Bell's tousled updo and smokey eyes are a perfect counterpoint to this stunning red gown, which still has the interesting details -- pleated train, embellishments on the shoulder strap -- to keep it from being the average starlet-in-a-red-dress look.

    We can only hope that by highlighting this classic-yet-dazzling outfit, we're putting the pink fur, gold dress, and fake tanner Lindsay Lohans of the world on fashion notice, so to speak ... but alas, it seems highly unlikely. Regardless, Ms. Bell did us all a solid last night in keeping it classy.