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High Fives: Erin Lucas



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    The former costar of MTV's "The City" (she just announced she's leaving this month) looked crisp and sophisticated -- without being overly stuffy -- at last night's NSF Clothing Project Launch.

    The contrast of a longer, peachy-hued blazer with those high-waist pants has a seriously chic, throw-back quality -- Katherine Hepburn, with a modern twist. And topping off such a simple outfit with an over-the-top sparkly necklace gives the whole look a more playful, girlish quality. Heck, we don't even mind the ultra-bright nails (a trend which normally brings back bad memories of 6th grade). This is really a lesson all limelight-ready gals can learn from -- simple and muted rarely goes astray.

    We're kind of hoping this girl heads over to "The Hills" -- those California girls could take a lesson or two in New York dressing to tone down those bright colors and crazy extensions.