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High Fives: Emmanuelle Chriqui



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    We bumped into the lovely "Entourage" actress at the Marchesa presentation on Wednesday and we can report the following: Not only is she luminous, but she's got excellent taste in designers.

    Yes, it's true that she, like most of the other famous ladies that showed up to fete Georgina Chapman's line (Blake Lively, Emmy Rossum) were pretty overdressed for fashion week in general, she was surrounded by over-the-top fairytale gowns and it's also true that everyone else there was also overdressed. (We, sadly, were dressed like the common folk.)

    Chriqui made the right choice of keeping her hair and accessories absolutely minimal, highlighting the slinky (and pretty darn sexy) quality of her embellished dress. We'd like to also note that Chriqui was one of the few starlets who showed up to a series of shows and always looked spot-on -- from a strapless blue dress at one front row to a long-sleeve leopard-print mini at another. Such persistent style was not commonplace at this year's events, unless you're referring to the Voguettes, of course, who were almost always impeccable.