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High Fives: Diane Kruger



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    It seems like we've been waiting forever for Ms. Kruger to finally arrive in New York, having witnessed her incredibly stylish romp through Europe promoting her new film, "Inglorious Basterds." And at last night's screening, the lady did not disappoint.

    Granted, the woman is insanely beautiful and has the kind of figure that most women would kill for, so she's starting off with good material. But she just nails everything she puts on. She has such a good sense of how to put a whole look together -- choosing to downplay a sparkling minidress with loose, effortless hair and those 1940s red lips ... the whole ensemble comes off looking almost flapper-ish. And the dress! The sheer back with sequins? It's like something out of a dream. Ms. Kruger, we salute you.