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Happening Now: Opening Ceremony Sample Sale



    Despite single-digit wind chills, Opening Ceremony has opened a robust sample sale today, with tight-but-manageable crowds gathering and tons of heavily discounted merchandise flying off the racks.

    We were initially very surprised to see a sparse line of about 30 bundled bunnies - guys and girls - and settled into a spot thankfully close to the door.  A staffer later informed us they had begun letting people in at 9am, despite advertising an 11am start time.  We assume it was because of the extreme cold, in which case, how nice!

    The sale was large and stocked, with a decent-sized men's section as well.  Efficiently formatted racks bursted with dresses, trousers, coats, suits, tops and skirts marked down from 50-80%.  Normally unattainable United Bamboo coats hadd their price tags slashed from $1K+ to a mere $200, while dresses and shorts dipped as low as $20.

    Although by the time we got back there, presumably about two hours in, the shoe selection was primarily jumbo sizes, but again, prices were miraculously low - think $1,100 boots at $160 - and there was quite a selection. 

    Overall, we'd have to give a grade of A-.  Overheard almost simultaneously were two separate proclamations of "this is my last sample sale, it's way too crazy here," and "this is the sample sale of the YEAR," which sums it up well, depending on your perspective.  But judging from the stuffed bags consistently being carried out, many would call it a success.