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Happening Now: Lindsay Lohan Getting Pushed Out at Ungaro



    Lindsay Lohan's fashion design fate keeps getting worse.  After proving skeptics right - including former designer Esteban Cortazar, who quit as a result - with an abysmal Spring 2010 collection for Emanuel Ungaro, its now being said that the actress will get the boot sooner than previously thought. 

    CEO Mounir Moufarrige had high hopes for the publicity Lohan would bring to the ailing Ungaro brand, but unfortunately, in a parade of heart-shaped pasties and nearly incoherent tweets, those were definitively dashed with some of the most scathing critical slams the fashion world had ever seen.  The disaster has proven to be so impressive, both to the editorial world and, perhaps more importantly to the company, retail buyers, Page Six is reporting that Moufarrige is being heavily pressured by Ungaro President Asim Abdullah to kick Lohan to the curb - now.  Last we checked, there had been a multiyear contract for the arrangement. 

    So, what next? It doesn't really matter, at this point.  Emanuel Ungaro himself relinquished any claim to the company name in 2005 and, although "furious" with the disgraceful arrangement, there's nothing he can do.  It's really just sad - Bebe better watch out.