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H&M Promises to Stop Destroying Unworn Clothing



    After a good samaritan reported a Herald Square H&M's practice of mutilating and trashing old clothing outside its store, the blogosphere erupted, and H&M has said it will now donate the goods to charity.

    After Cynthia Magnus, a local grad student, tipped off The New York Timesthat the massive H&M on Herald Square was dumping tons of unused clothing in trash bags outside its store, readers and bloggers were furious. Fans of the store took to the chain's Facebook page to display their outrage, some promising they'd never again shop at an H&M and others even going so far as to say that "the company's name should go down in shame."

    By 3:53PM yesterday, H&M finally responded to the accusations by saying that the company's policy has been "to donate any damaged usable garment to charity," and that the company was "currently investigating an incident in a NY store that is not representative of our policy."

    By the end of the day, the City Room blog reported that spokeswoman Nicole Christie was promising the incident "will not happen again." She insisted that the practice of the store has long been to "donate unworn clothing to aid organizations," and that the actions of the 34th street store would be looked into.