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Gossip Girl Darling: Jewelry Designer Siman Tu



    When Vanessa complemented her plunging V-neck boho maxi gown with a turquoise statement necklace in last night's Gossip Girl, we couldn't help but recalling Lily's wedding earrings from last week.  Turns out, they're both the handiwork of NYC jewelry designer Siman Tu

    The haute couture jeweler has been a regular on the celebrity and New York style scenes for 20 years, with creative masterpieces as timely as ever on one of television's trendiest shows.  Inspired by a blend of Victorian and Art Deco styles and semi-precious stones, the intricately free-flowing pieces make a splash with any outfit. 

    Tu's work may be major, but it's also stuff that goes easily from night to day, and from Gossip Girl to our own humble wardrobes, we hope.